An elderly couple on their Anniversary

The wife gives the husband a gift cirtificate for a local witch-doctor

A few days later the husband's curriosity gets the best of him and visits the .witch-doctor's hut. He finds out the this particular medicine man specializes in erectile dysfunction; and thinks, "OK"...

He is given a pouch of powdered potion and instructed to take a teaspoon any time after a full moon and at any time after that to say, "One two three". To end the spell, have your wife say, "One two three four".  This will not work again untill the next full moon.

As the previous night was the full moon, he takes the teaspoon of potion and awaits his wife.  When she arrives, he disrobes and says, "Got something for you... One two three".  

She says, "alright"! and starts getting undressed.

On the way to their chamber, she asks, "what was the 'One two three' for"?


Remember to never end a sentence with a preposition;
you may end up with a dangling participle.