Once your new e-mail address has been successfully set-up,
Please change your password.

To do so you need to log-in to
your account at mail.edwardnc.org  
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and select a web-mail service.

  and login using your new e-mail address and Temporary password.  Do not yet select "Remember Name & Password". You can do this next time if you choose to use this method to access your messages.
Now click "Options"


Scroll down and click "Change Password"

   Enter your temporary password and then your new password twice

And "Submit".

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I, personally, recommend using an e-mail client to view and compose e-mails.
The ones I use are Thunderbird for work and SeaMonkey for personal. 

The settings for using a client (program in your computer) are as follows:

Select either   IMAP:993 or POP3:995
Server Name = yew.arvixe.com:993  /  995
User Name= entire e-mail address
Connection Security = SSL/TLS with normal password

if you access multiple accounts, I suggest using a different prime number 
for the interval for each address. (3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, etc.)

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SMTP = yew.arvixe.com: 465
User Name= entire e-mail address

P.S.  It may be a good idea to reboot your system afterwards. 

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For more details on configuring your client see the following blog  

You may need to send a message to your contacts and have their e-mail server (host) whitelist the following IP's
ns1.yew.arvixe.com.   ['']
ns2.yew.arvixe.com.     ['']

Ulterior motive: Draw attention to services I offer.  

Thank you,
Edward E. Edwards, Jr.
  Mail Administrator,  HandyMail

  The purpose of NorthCarolinaWeb.EdwardNC.org is to provide free e-mail addresses for residents of  Beaufort and Pamlico Counties, North Carolina, and their relatives and anyone who frequents the area;

And draw attention to the services offered.
Compliments of AIM Handyman Service

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